Even at a brief glance one can understand why this recently commissioned baby nursery design found itself featured in the June 2015 issue of Baba & Kleuter Magazine, (issue 191). The room as a whole is quiet, understated and calm, perfectly conducive to Baby and Mom and Dad alike.

True to style, Simpli Décor combines usefulness with clean simplicity, resulting in a functional environment that is beautiful to look at and peaceful to be in.

Essential nursery basics featured are the Beeno Cot, Kelan Dresser, Feeding Chair and Fino Pedastal with the client choosing a custom compactum to ensure that exact requirements weren’t overlooked.

The Modo Cube Shelf and the Modo Rectangle Shelf add a touch of minimalist practicality to the baby’s room, while the floor lamp and custom rug brings warmth to the overall look. Of course no room would be complete without a little bit of fun, and the Essey Replica Crushed Bin provides a bit of practical quirkiness, something to grin at while changing those nappies at odd hours of the night!

Muted tones are kept interesting with the Blowing Tree Wall Mural, which is textured for added effect, accented with the softness of the Mosquito net for those hot summer nights.

Simpli Décor prides itself on working closely with clients and understanding their taste, needs and future plans. This new arrival will happily be snuggling into custom made linen, with colour, designs and fabrics especially chosen just for them.

The beauty of this design is that not only do these elements lend well to the arrival of the new addition but many of the items will evolve as the child grows and they will be able to be utilised in future bedrooms, ensuring many more sweet dreams for many more years to come!