Emilio Compactum

A stunning new compactum with 6 drawers, available in 3 different woods or white. We also have a matching pedestal.

Sammi cot and compactum

The Sammi cot and compactum is a stylish nursery set. Available in solid wood and white options or grey and white or all white.

Milan Cot

The Milan cot is an upholstered cot, modern chic and sophisticated. It does have a toddler bed conversion kit available to use it up till 5 years old!

Sammi single house bed

This quirky bed is great for moving your little one into a “big bed”. It is fun to play house!

Moderna cot + Compactum

The ultimate in style and sophistication is the Moderna! A stunning design available in a range of colours to suite your nursery theme.

Sammi Cot toddler house bed conversion

The Sammi cot now comes with a conversion kit that changes your cot in a toddler house bed! Fun, playful and oh so cool.

Featured Magazine

Even at a brief glance one can understand why this recently commissioned baby nursery design found itself featured in the June 2015 issue of Baba & Kleuter Magazine, (issue 191).